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    What Should Bisexual Women Consider Before Having A Threesome With Bi Couples?
    A bisexual woman is a female who is sexually attracted to both male and female. According to statistics, nearly 13% of women between the ages of 18-44 claimed that they were attracted to both sexes. But for bisexual women dating is the beginning of realizing their passion to having a threesome.
    Facts about threesome relationship
    Threesome is any combination of sex or gender where three people are performing sex with each other. The three may be single individuals or a couple inviting an extra man or woman to share their bed. The ides of a heterosexual couple is to search for a so-called ‘unicorn (- an unattached woman willing to join the couple) some couples will invite single men to be the third. Main point is that somebody of any gender was invited by bi couples to play with them. Unlike a game of golf, threesomes are non-exclusionary.
    What bisexual women should consider before having a threesome
    1. You will be joining a couple in beds without forming actual relationships with either one of them. In this relationship, you must be aware that you are not an equal (in the relationship sense) and you are merely there to spice up the sex life of bi couples.
    2. Whatever were their reasons for bringing you into their relationship do not matter as long as you gave your consent that means that they had talked about what is okay and what isn’t and you were not included in the discussion.
    3. You are the odd woman out in the dynamic of their relationship, which means when things go wrong; you are going to be the easiest person to turn into a scapegoat.
    4. You are on your own while this couple who has invited you into their bed is looking out for each other. But who is looking out for you? As precaution, prior to your bedding with the hot bi-couple, lay out your boundaries before doing steamy sex with bisexual couples or threesome finders.
    5. You aren’t as safe as you think. Most threesomes are arranged over the internet for that’s just the way it is. You need to ALWAYS meet somewhere rather than in house of bisexual singles looking for threesome, like at a nice restaurant. If they both want to have sex with you, the least they can do is offer you a nice meal.
    6. It is even high possibility that the magical threesome will be culminated at their house. The upside is that if things get weird, you can dash out but doing that walk of shame never feels great, even if you had time to wear a pair of undies.
    7 You are the unattached third-party in a sexual relationship and you know that your purpose is primarily for pleasure. By themselves and yourself, activities are pleasurable but you have to keep your emotions at bay and follow limits set for the sexual activities.
    8. Remember that safe sex is important in any kind of relationship. Be sure there are condoms and bisexual man changes after each performance. Sex is the best way to pass on HIV virus.
    Now that you know intimate facts about threesome, at least you enter the triad with your eyes wide open. Sex would offer you lots of pleasure in good company, perhaps this is the start of more threesome dating.